Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No Such Thing.

There is no such thing as a home away from home. Home will always be home. No place could replace it, everrr.

And I miss home.

Home is where I'll wake up to either the sound of my dad playing really loud, as in reaaally loud, music - when I was younger, it used to be Bryan Adams or Queen or Toto; during Christmas season, well Christmas songs; and during my last visit it was P!nk - or to my dog jumping on my bed and licking my face I don't need to wash it when I get up.

And then I go and proceed to have breakfast, which will always be there without fail. My mom always prepare yummy meals for us. It would include rice all the time - eggs with rice, hotdogs with rice, bacon, with rice, fish with rice. Because no Filipino breakfast (or any meal for that matter) is complete without rice. HAHA!

Then it's off to the other living room (a.k.a computer room) where all sorts of discussion happens - from how to use this app, or how to download music and movies, to plans for the day or the weekend, or to my mom saying "I can't figure out how to do this, I'm giving up," all the time. HAHA.

Where Manny Pacquiao's fights, or okaaay noontime shows are watched here - with friends and families for free - snacks and WiFi included. 

And afternoons are spent drinking coffee and people watching here. 

I miss home. I miss my ohana.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day Full of Surprises!

And by surprises I mean packages! Yes, today I received two!

I joined a couple of contests last week. Most of them just requires that you like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter account, which is no surprise really. It's the seller's way of promoting their site so they could have more potential buyers. As for me? Hey, a couple of likes and I get a chance to win prizes? Why not!

And guess what? I ACTUALLY WON! Ha! I was doing my usual TV series marathon one night and I received a notification saying that I received a message. I was online so I was thinking why it didn't just show up at the bottom of the screen like the usual chat messages. So I immediately looked at it and it says:
Hi Meryl Ann,

This is Diana, of That Quaint Store. You're our winner for our January giveaway -- randomly selected by random.org. Please send us your mailing address and contact number so we can ship your prizes asap.

Apologies for the delay btw. Been busy in school.
I immediately replied with the details she needed in order to ship my package. I thanked her a couple of times and even told here that it's a great gift considering I'll be leaving the country in a couple of days (more on that later). So there, the package arrived today around lunch time!

Here's a photo of what's inside the parcel. Lovely, lovely. It's a loooooooooot!

The one in yellow slash newspaper-like cover is a big Paris-inspired notebook. Not only is the cover really nice, even the pages inside has that vintage feel. It looks like I could use it a a scrapbook and post photos and other memorabilia inside.

Here's a close-up look of one of the items above. It's a set of cute sticky note pads!

A look inside what the sticky note folio contains.

I soooooooooo love this one! If I hadn't only bought a planner, I would've used this New York-inspired planner. Good thing it isn't your usual planner which has dates and all. It actually has empty spaces for you to write dates on. So I could use it next year! YAY! The inside is full of very nice photographs.

In this set is the small hardbound notebook and a Romantic World postcards and stickers set placed inside a tin can. I've been looking for stickers I could place on my 2012 planner, they're perfect.

Three quirky bookmarks, colorful stick flags, and stick notes that look like bandages! I love how cute the bookmarks are, now this is a sign that I should go back to reading, lol. The stick flags I could use as page markers or as cute borders on my planner. And the bandage-type stick notes are perfect as I am a nurse and what playful way to leave a message than with these.


Three pretty cocktail rings.

A chic choker necklace.

And a set of bangles!

Upon joining, I know what I'll be winning but it feels a whole lot different once I actually receive them. The package is full of pretty little things! And getting it all for free is the best part. Thanks again That Quaint Store!

Moving on...

As I've said I received two packages today and the next one is from OH Travel and Tours. I was worried I would have to wait another day for this package to arrive. I was tracking it and it says the parcel should arrive around February 7 at 6:00 PM so they'll probably deliver it the following day since it's pretty late and I'll be leaving on the 9th! But good thing it arrived this afternoon! That means I could go out tomorrow! Haha.

It contains my visa and e-ticket!


I'll be leaving for Dubai on the 9th! Sooo I don't know if I could still blog regularly since I do not own a laptop. I'll be bringing the iPad with me, someone already gifted me with an iPad camera connection kit so I no longer have problems regarding importing of photos. As with editing, I've already downloaded an app called Photogene and I'm pretty much okay with the editing part, but the uploading part takes foreveeeeeeeeeer. 20 photos takes an hour! But I think I could deal with that. I've also downloaded a Blogger app, but it's for the iPhone so it only occupies a small portion of the screen, well, I could enlarge it but it'll look pixelated which I don't really like.


I talk too much, yes, I know that very well.

So here's me having a hiatus... for a while. OR NOT! Kbye!